Friday, 4 April 2014

OOTD - Silver Screen

Coat: Hertex - Thrifted
Shoes: Y.R.U Platforms
Lipstick: Mac - #Darkside

Taken not far from my home - Trees are all dead but the mountains are still there. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

90s inspired shot

My school is having a 90s themed ball and they asked me to take photos and make a poster for the dance. They gave me a days notice and I managed to do this all in a few hours. I'm pretty happy with it so yeah. Thanks to Sigrún & Hinrik for modeling.

And this is the final poster that I made. I have no talent in graphic design at all but I managed to scrape this together, whatever.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

First batch of Polaroids

Polaroid films come in an 8-pack. I have had the same film in since I got my polaroid cameras and that's for about 6 months. Anyway, here are the ones I took (In an order of time). Enjoy ☽ ☆

That's me and my friend Brandy from the time we went to Þingvellir the national park. It's the first photo I ever took with the polaroid. 

That's me and Olive from a really hot day in town. One of my favourite day of last summer.

This one is of me and Sigga, from the time Sigga, me and Olive house-sat Olive's fathers house. We had spaghetti for dinner.

I'm real sad that this one wasn't in focus but that's my friends and me at Prikið, a restaurant. (from left to right): Sigga, me, Solla, Olive, Hinrik, Þórgnýr and magga. 

This picture got ruined. I think it's because it got bent while developing but I'm not sure. Anyway, it's me, Olive and the first snow of last winter on the back of my truck.

And that's the most recent one taken last night. Me and Olive in front of a cool wall in a tunnel that I keep dreaming about, even before I went there for the first time. It's strange. 

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